A collection of my adventures past and future

Life's purpose is not to live just the length of it, but the width as well.

Dallas Glass Blowing Class
Where: Dallas Glass Art, Dallas, TX Cost: $50-150 per person Link: Dallas Glass Art Lessons Date: March 2015 Comments: The glass workers make this look effortless, but it requires quite a bit of experience to make even basic object. The instructors will gauge your level of interest and experience to guide you into making something […]
Bubble Soccer Game- Indoor Field
Where: Indoor Soccer Zone, Dallas, TX Cost: $35 per person Link: Bubble Soccer USA Date: June 2014 Comments: Words are difficult to describe how fun and crazy this game is. The rules are similar to soccer, only everyone is wearing a large bubble. Players are allowed to run into each other at full speed, sending […]
Beekeeping lesson in Brownwood Texas
Where: Brownwood, TX Cost: Free Link: Brownwood Beekeeping Date: April 2018 Comments: Braving the initial fear of a swarm of angry bees, you soon learn to see the bees in a new light. Up close and not fearing for your life, you can clearly watch them work like a well oiled machine. While this adventure […]
Underwater Ship Wreck Scuba Dive
Where: Punta Cana, PR Cost: $120 Link: El Tour Caribe Date: January 2017 Comments: Immerse yourself in a foreign world by exploring the ship wrecks around Punta Cana. The experience of floating down a flooded stairway is one I will not soon forget, nor the surprise from the ship’s inhabitants once we entered their home. […]
Whitewater Rafting Colorado Rapids
Where: Bighorn Sheep Canyon, Canon City, Colorado Cost: $30 Groupon, regularly $60 (and still worth every penny) Link: Echo Canyon River Expeditions Date: July 2014 Comments: The Bighorn Sheep expedition was an experience that I will never forget. The trip took a break midway through for us to stretch our legs and for the more […]
Where: Ecopark Cantun-Chi, Quintana Roo, Mexico Cost: $70 which includes admission to the park and guided tour of all five cenotes Link: Ecopark Cantun-Chi Date: January 2015 Comments: The cliff diving at Cantun-Chi could not be more scenic. However, make sure you check the water levels before diving in. As you can see from this […]
Where: Fencing Institute of Texas, Farmers Branch, TX Cost: Free Intro Class on Fridays Link: Fencing Institute of Texas Date: October 2014 Comments: This is much more of a mental game between your partner than I had anticipated, but still expect to break a sweat. The free intro class is mostly kids, so I would […]
Where: Sun Buggy Rentals, Las Vegas, TX Cost: $200 Link: Sun Buggy Baja CHase Date: July 2013 Comments: Must do for any Vegas trip. The Sun Buggy group stands out as the best tour for the money.
Where: Molasses Reef, Key Largo, FL Cost: $85 (includes boat ride, two tanks, weights and dive master) Link: Scuba Operator Date: September 2013 Comments: Opt for a wetsuit if you are afraid of jelly fish!
The Great Bull Run 2014
Where: Texas Motorplex, Ennis, TX Cost: $35 (free if you volunteer) Link: Bull Run Events Page Date: April 2014 (Annual) Comments: Make sure to wear your white and red!