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Complete Bucket List – The Width of Life

Complete Bucket List

Here is the complete bucket list. 140 in total and 49 to go. I’ve removed some of the items that are more personal and/or only have meaning to me. If you know of any way to make any of these happen, or want any details on the items I’ve crossed off, feel free to contact me.

  1. Camp High in the Canopy of a Redwood Forest (California\Washington)
  2. Race through the Bonneville Salt Flats (Bonneville, UT)
  3. Stand on the Kjeragbolten Boulder (Norway)
  4. Learn to Bobsled (Lake Placid, NY)
  5. Break a Guinness World Record (Ouachita, AR)
  6. Experience Burning Man (Black Rock City, NV)
  7. Climb one of the Seven Summits (Longs Peak, CO)
  8. Party in Marti Gras (New Orleans, LA)
  9. Zorb Down a Hill (Amesbury, MA)
  10. Feel the Mist at the base of Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls, NY)
  11. Learn to Ice Climb (Ouray, CO)
  12. Experience Weightlessness (Zero Gravity) (California\Nevada\Florida)
  13. Taste Fugu Prepared by a Master Chef (Japan)
  14. Surf Down a Volcano (Hawaii\Nicaragua)
  15. See Lava Up Close-ish (Various)
  16. See the Northern Lights (Alaska\Norway\Canada)
  17. See a Broadway Play (New York, NY)
  18. See the Glow Worms at Waitomo Caves (New Zealand)
  19. Experience the Devils Pool (Victoria Falls, South Africa)
  20. Swim through Millions of Jellyfish (Palau Island, Micronesia)
  21. Survive over a week in the wilderness (Various)
  22. Drive a Tank (Various)
  23. Leave a Century+ Legacy (Various)
  24. Skydive from a Hot Air Balloon (Various)
  25. Blow something big up (Various)
  26. Hike an Epic Multi-Day Trail (Various)
  27. Experience Dining in the Dark (Various)
  28. Learn to Surf (Various)
  29. Learn to Snowboard (Various)
  30. Experience Ice Diving or Ice Kayaking (Various)
  31. Get Lit on Fire (Fire Stunt Course) (Various)
  32. Attend a Masquerade Ball (Various)
  33. Create and Launch My Own Fireworks (Various)
  34. Experience a SUP Glow (Dallas, TX)
  35. Play a Game of Frisbee Golf (Dallas, TX)
  36. Fly in an Aerobatic Plane (Dallas, TX)
  37. Learn to Waterski (Dallas, TX)
  38. Drive a 85+ MPH go-cart (Dallas, TX)
  39. Experience Glow Stand-Up-Paddleboarding (Dallas, TX)
  40. Learn to Lead Climb (Dallas, TX)
  41. Fire a Gun from a Helicopter (Dallas, TX)
  42. Publish an Article in a Major News Outlet (Dallas, TX)
  43. Earn a Sport Pilots License (Dallas, TX)
  44. Earn a Doctorate (Dallas, TX)
  45. Learn to Windsurf (Dallas, TX)
  46. Play a Game of Polo (Oak Point, TX)
  47. Learn to Play the Guitar Well (Dallas, TX)
  48. Scuba Dive through a Shipwreck (Punta Cana, PR)
  49. Earn a Skydiving License (Whitewright, TX)
  50. Go Beekeeping (Brownwood, TX)
  51. Scuba Dive with Sharks (Las Vegas, NV)
  52. Participate in the “Sleep No More” Performance (New York, NY)
  53. Play a Full Game of Bubble Soccer (Dallas, TX)
  54. Experience Oktoberfest (Munich, Germany)
  55. Run with the Bulls (Ennis, TX)
  56. Participate in a Tomato Fight (Ennis, TX)
  57. Float on the Dead Sea (Ein Gedi, Israel)
  58. Learn to Use Power Stilts (Dallas, TX)
  59. Tour the Holy Land (Various)
  60. Experience a Lucid Dream (Dallas, TX)
  61. Go Deep Sea Fishing (Puerto Aventura, MX)
  62. Go on a Zipline through the Rainforest (Antigua, West Indies)
  63. Spend 10 Days at Sea (Caribbean)
  64. Load and Fire a Black Powder Rifle (Dallas, TX)
  65. Travel through Ancient Ruins on Horseback (Chichen Itza, MX)
  66. Climb a Waterfall (Ocho Rios, Jamaica)
  67. Swim with Dolphins (Cozumel, MX)
  68. Swim with Stingrays (Key Largo, FL)
  69. Start a Successful Business (San Antonio, TX)
  70. Learn Flying Trapeze (Dallas, TX)
  71. Go Parasailing (Destin, FL)
  72. Go Bungee jumping (Dallas, TX)
  73. Surf Down a Sand Dune (Monahans, TX)
  74. Drive a Racecar (College Station, TX)
  75. Go Skydiving (San Marcos, TX)
  76. Survive Class III+ Whitewater Rapids (Echo Canyon, CO)
  77. Learn to Flyboard (Dallas, TX)
  78. Ropeswing off of a Bridge (Dallas, TX)
  79. Experience Floating Total Sensory Deprivation (Dallas, TX)
  80. Go Spelunking (Colorado Springs, CO)
  81. Earn a Master’s Degree (Dallas, TX)
  82. Camp in a Tree Canopy (Robbers Cave, OK)
  83. Experience Stand-Up-Paddleboard Yoga (Dallas, TX)
  84. Survive a Cliff Jump (Austin, TX)
  85. Learn to Ride a Motorcycle (Dallas, TX)
  86. Learn Glassblowing (Dallas, TX)
  87. Earn SCUBA License (Dallas, TX)
  88. Climb the World’s Tallest Indoor Rock-Climbing Wall (Dallas, TX)
  89. Experience the Royal Flush Slide (Waco, TX)
  90. Ride the World’s Longest Waterslide (Schlitterbahn, New Braunfels)
  91. Climb an Advanced 5.11 Rated Wall (San Antonio, TX)
  92. Enjoy Authentic Turkish Street Food (Istanbul, Turkey)
  93. Win a Fencing Match (Dallas, TX)
  94. Learn to Wakeboard (Dallas, TX)
  95. Fly a Plane (Dallas, TX)
  96. Swim in a Cenote (Puerto Aventura, MX)
  97. Fly a Powered Parachute (Dallas, TX)
  98. Learn Parkour (Dallas, TX)
  99. Visit the Top of Rockefeller Center (New York, NY)
  100. Learn Blacksmithing (Dallas, TX)
  101. Experience Indoor Surfing (Dallas, TX)
  102. Run a 5k (Dallas, TX)
  103. Attend a Roller Derby Match (Dallas, TX)
  104. Experience Indoor Skydiving (Dallas, TX)
  105. Learn to Rappel Aussie Style (Enchanted Rock, TX)
  106. Explore the Canals of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  107. Touch the Berlin Wall (Berlin, Germany)
  108. Take in the Hagia Sophia (Istanbul, Turkey)
  109. Visit Hamilton Pool (Austin, TX)
  110. Make a Snow Angel (Chicago, IL)
  111. Experience the World’s Most Dangerous Airport (Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten)
  112. Take a Shot in an Ice Bar (Las Vegas, NV)
  113. Play with Large Construction Machinery (Las Vegas, NM)
  114. Dive off of the Tallest Observation Tower in the US (Las Vegas, NM)
  115. Drive a Dune Buggy through the Desert (Las Vegas, NM)
  116. Attend Blackhat and Defcon (Las Vegas, NM)
  117. Play with a Penguin (Galveston, TX)
  118. Go Bull Riding (Ft. Worth, TX)
  119. Fly on a Private Jet (Various)
  120. Treck through a Via Feratta (Jasper, AK)