• Fly the Trapeze

    Skyline Trapeze Dallas
    Where: Skyline Trapeze, Addison, TX
    Cost: $50 for an hour lesson
    Link: Skyline Trapeze
    Date: August 2014
    Comments: This was an amazing experience, and one that I have gone back for many times. The class sizes are small (2-8 people) and it is surprisingly easy to get the ‘swing’ of it, but plenty of new things to learn to keep you going back. The people working there are extremely friendly, and you will leave feeling like you have made new friends. Pictures and videos are surprisingly cheap ($10 for pics or for video, $15 for both). On my visits, there are about 10 high quality pics from various angles. They will allow children as young as two swing. Their motto seems to be that if you can climb the ladder, you can fly.

    Pro tip: don’t eat right before you go. The flips are not strenuous but the safety belt can put some pressure on a full stomach. Overall, highly recommended must-try experience.

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