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Scuba Dive Through a Shipwreck – The Width of Life
  • Scuba Dive Through a Shipwreck

    Underwater Ship Wreck Scuba Dive
    Where: Punta Cana, PR
    Cost: $120
    Link: El Tour Caribe
    Date: January 2017
    Comments: Immerse yourself in a foreign world by exploring the ship wrecks around Punta Cana. The experience of floating down a flooded stairway is one I will not soon forget, nor the surprise from the ship’s inhabitants once we entered their home. When diving, the sun serves as a constant beacon of safety, so leaving its presence was unnerving. An advanced PADI or Scuba license is required to visit many of these shipwrecks, but the outfitters often have programs to safely train and supervise you on the dive provided you do your book work before you arrive.

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